BORTH a two-screen film installation

Borth is situated in the centre of the mid-Wales coastline – the larger and better known towns of Aberystwyth and Aberdovey lie to the south and north respectively.

Borth has something of the Wild-West about it – a single road town stretching for just over one kilometre, with a mishmash of houses lining both sides. There is no consistency to the architecture: some buildings were clearly traditional fishing cottages, now partly ‘modernised’, others seaside holiday homes built in the Thirties. But perhaps if there is common aesthetic here, it is a sense of improvised and unselfconscious construction – a bricolage.

The town feels isolated – on one side is a single track railway line and beyond that a flat bog which extends for about 15 kilometres towards the Cambrian Mountains and on the other is the Irish Sea.

This installation synthesises the movement of walking along the pebbled breakwater in Borth. We travel slowly and smoothly, holding our gaze… and listening. On one side there is the infinite horizon of the sea, and on the other there is a chaotic collection of houses with their backs to us – each as an individual character trying to conceal their own sense of personality and history, but inadvertently revealing themselves.