November 2021 | Marli Siu Wins Best Actress at BAFTA Scotland Awards 2021

Congratulations to Marli Siu who collects the Best Actress Award for her role as Kelly in Scott Graham’s RUN.

May 2019 | Reviews for RUN at Tribeca Film Festival


Variety – April 26: Review by Guy Lodge

“A Springsteen-inspired ode to small-town despair (…) Strongly anchored by Mark Stanley.

A celebration of the open road that nonetheless hits the brakes at the city limits, engine idling with should-I-stay-or-should-I-go uncertainty (…)

A fine, tightly coiled performance from former “Game of Thrones” alum Mark Stanley.

Stanley and Siu play their characters’ mutual hunger with terse tenderness”


The Hollywood Reporter – April 26: Review by Stephen Dalton>

“A revved-up ballad of broken dreams..

Bruce Springsteen hovers like an invisible guardian angel over Run.

Scottish director Scott Graham’s rubber-burning tale of youthful dreams crashing into the brick wall of adult responsibility

A smouldering, sulky-sexy lead performance from former Games of Thrones regular Mark Stanley

Run has a raw Scottish flavor that feels admirably uncompromising”


Screen Daily – April 26: Review by Finn Halligan

“Run is powered by a strong tank full of talent..

Run comes to life during its breathless sequences of drag racing through the dark abandoned streets..

Graham moodily captures the frustration of life in his own home town.

The film gears up when Finnie takes Kid’s car on a joy ride, explosively drag-racing through the town..

RUN is even thrilling as waves crash over the sea wall and he risks his own and Kelly’s future..

Mark Stanley gives a strong, brooding performance”



May 2018

NEW TOWN UTOPIA written produced and directed by Christopher Ian Smith (Executive Producer Margaret Matheson)  in cinemas 4 May



???? ‘Consistently fascinating, unfolds like a warning from history. Powerful material’ – The Times


???? ‘Unapologetically upbeat film in which utopianism is taken unexpectedly seriously. Absorbing and heartening’ – The Guardian


???? ‘Endlessly poignant. An ode to the unique moment when post-war Britain allowed itself to dream – Financial Times


???? ‘Dramatic and inspirational. Sensitive portrayal’ – The Upcoming


‘Intelligent, poignant and delicately ambiguous portrait. Leaves a rich impression’ – The Big Issue


‘Quirky feature documentary. About as far from the Avengers: Infinity War as it’s possible to get’ – Metro


‘Intelligence, poise and empathy’ – Sight & Sound


‘Moody and oddly moving’ – Time Out