Amid the pulsating rhythms and dark fashions of the popular Goth scene, filmmaker Holly invites the stunning Vicki to take part in a documentary she’s shooting about the ‘Weekend Vampire’ phenomenon. Despite Vicki’s insistent claims to be a real vampire, a passionate and erotic affair quickly develops between the two women. It seems that Holly might have found the soul mate she has been searching for since her troubled childhood.

Meanwhile, a series of horrific and bloody vampire-style murders starts occurring. Holly discovers that Vicki is responsible for the killings and is devastated. Vicki explains that she is a real vampire, attempts to offer proof; and obsessed with her new love, Holly chooses to believe her.

Holly agrees to help Vicki to feed while continuing to film her. Holly then discovers that Vicki is pregnant with a “vampire” child; the product of a vicious rape in Spain some months earlier.

As Vicki’s craving for blood becomes more urgent Holly finds herself taking increasingly extreme risks for Vicki as she continues her murderous rampage. The police are closing in and Holly enlists the help of Adam, a young weekend vampire who is in love with her, to smuggle them to his parents’ remote beach hut on the coast. The vampire baby is born and as Vicki and child are starving, Holly sacrifices Adam to feed them.

As the police finally catch up with the pair and descend on the remote beach hut the girls are forced to make some life-changing decisions. Decisions that will change Holly’s future forever…